ENSIGN – Integrated Digital Strategy

Every engagement begins with a clear understanding of the goals for your company, and how a digital strategy can help achieve that.

We work with you to understand and formulate your web strategy, and how it integrates with organic, social, paid and email marketing channels.

Then as we progress, the following implementations are included as required.

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SEO Audits

An SEO audit helps you to understand your current site benchmarks, including issues, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities.

Site Refresh Analysis

If you’re about to launch a revamped site, then it’s important to ensure you don’t lose any Google juice. From the technical things such as ensuring 301 redirects are all in place, through to the strategic areas of information architecture and accurate reporting, we can help you reduce risks.

Digital Planning

Sometimes just having a sounding board to bounce off strategy and tactics is all you need. We are often called in as the ‘trusted advisor’ to complement marketing team planning events.

Digital Marketing

Online advertising or online advertising channel can be made of many parts. At the moment search channel is only one of many methods how can you promote your business online: Social media, SEO, AdWords, Banners, Video, Social bookmarks, Forums, Email marketing, Newsletters, Followers, Fans, Site directories, Chats, Press releases, Article directories, Webinars, Context ads, JV partners, Loyal visitors, Photo services…. As you see, the Internet is wide with it’s advertising channels and opportunities. However, how to choose the right channels and what strategies to apply in your case? Every business, product or situation is unique. That’s why only after clarifying your goals should be selected the most effective advertising channels and methods available online.
Search Engine Optimization
SEO is a rapidly changing. We ensure you stay abreast of best practice, and manage:

  • site audits
  • analytics setup
  • technical configuration
  • keyword research
  • on-page optimisation
  • content creation
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Search Engine
We provide full management of paid advertising and marketing campaigns on:

  • Google AdWords
  • Yahoo Search Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • on-page optimisation
  • 3rd party Ad platforms
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Social Media
We manage activities, social presence and campaigns on the following networks:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
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Website Design & Development

Web design and development is regarding creating the digital display associated with exactly what the business is. It is regarding creating the smooth duplicate associated with your own company as well as placing it all on the internet with regard to your own prospects in order to learn. Within this particular instance, companies are capable to communicate their own information through utilizing web-enabled applications which create it all feasible.

The great web site is actually much more compared to simply what satisfies the attention. Much more compared to becoming aesthetically ambitious, your own web site offers to possess a whole lot associated with feeling.

ENSIGN  As a leading Web Design Company, we generate the actual perfect representation with regard to your own company through our own innovative as well as unique designs. Whilst creating a website, there is actually a massive quantity associated with designs a person may accept in order to distribute the actual information associated with the organization. The actual important point in order to get in to account is actually in order to select the innovative design, that suits the actual brand name you tend to be creating with regard to.

At ENSIGN, search marketing and online marketing as a whole are our specialty. Neither of those are possible without a brilliantly designed, developed, action-oriented website. From concept to design, development to launch, optimization and maintenance, ENSIGN does it all, based around your brand’s business and marketing goals.

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